Environmentally Friendly

Environmental Air Sponge is an amazing paste-gel made of 18 biodegradable and ecological ingredients that absorbs pollutants in the air and literally removes strong odours of all kinds. Its anti-fungal properties make it a completely non-toxic and safe product, approved by The Asthma Association of Canada.

Environmental Air Sponge is mainly composed of a solid, soap based paste-gel made of polyesters, emulsifiers, activated charcoal and hygroscopic and detoxifying agents. Environmental Air Sponge is biodegradable and environmentally safe!


How it works

How the Environmental Air Sponge Odor Absorber Works

Conventional air fresheners typically mask unpleasant smells with fragrance. This product is not a deodorant; it actually absorbs and eliminates offensive odours and microscopic pollutants. When the container is opened, the two components work together to dissipate a stream of "lighter than air" molecules into the environment, interacting with and neutralizing odour and pollutant molecules. This creates a pure, fresh, healthy air quality.

Instructions & Tips

Instructions for Easy Use

Tips for Maximum Efficiency
Place container where there is some air circulation, ideally 4-6 feet high. Keep windows closed
(e.g. closets) direct a small fan into the affected area.
FOR CAR INTERIORS place the open container under the seat.
FOR SMALL CONFINED AREAS, or to increase longevity, perforate the lid (e.g. 3 holes of approx. 2 cm).
FOR SEVERE PROBLEMS, turn AIR SPONGE upside down, out onto its lid, to maximize the product's surface exposure to contaminated air.

Availible in 1/2 lb, 1 lb, 2lb & 4 lb sizes

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The Instant Air Sponge

A few short mists of The Instant Air Sponge will instantly neutralize even the most foul and obstructive odours on contact. With a base of essential oils/plant and herb extract, the formula does not mask odours, but initiates a physical reaction to change the state of the odour molecule. This formula can be safely used on carpets, fabrics and clothes.

Availible in 4 oz. & 10 oz. sizes



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